Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Pi Day


Hello People of Earth,

Well, its the day that everyone has been waiting for all year. The mass-hysteria that has plagued our cities can finally come to an end. No its not the long awaited end to the zombie apocalypse. Its much better! Its Pi day!!!!! March 14 is the one day a year where we come together as a nation to celebrate the achievements of Mathematics and the Science be eating pie in all its delicious, mouth-watering inducing forms (Savory, Sweet and Pizza).

Today as a guest contributor to the Frugal Optimist, I am going to break down the cost of baking an Apple Pie. Our Apple pie is a simple one, one part granny smith apples, one part dough and one part magic.

The dough used for this pie came from a 20 lb bag of high-gluten baking flour from Costco. It costs us $9.00 a bag. We used approximately 3 cups of flour for this double crust recipe: 1 Cup of flour = 4.25 oz. x 3 = 12.75oz ---> .79 lbs.   $0.35 

Crisco is approx. $5.00 for 48oz. We used 3/4 cup ---> 6oz = $0.63

Cinnamon is approx. $3.00 for a 2.37oz container. We used 1 1/2 teaspoons. ---> .25 oz = $0.33

Nutmeg price $3.00 for 2oz. We used 1/4 teaspoon ---> .004oz = $0.006

Brown Sugar $3.50 for pound. We used 1/4 cup ---> 2oz =  $0.43 

White Sugar $5.00 for 10 pounds. We used 1/4 cup ---> 1.34oz = $0.04

Corn Starch $2.00 for 16oz. We used 1 tablespoon ---> .5oz = $0.06

Lemon Juice $4.00 for 32oz. We used 1 tablespoon ---> .5oz = $0.06

Safeway brand Butter for $3.49 for 16oz. We used 1 tablespoon ---> .5oz =$0.10

Lastly, we bought a 12-pack of Granny Smith apples at COSTCO for 8.98. We used 4 for this recipe = $2.99

Total Pie Cost =  $5.03  for a HOMEMADE Apple Pie! 

If you're not into sweets, you can always go savory for dinner and order a Pizza Pie! 

Happy Pi Day :) 

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