Friday, March 21, 2014

Money Motivation

I guess this post serves more as a mid-Month One update on our money saving/debt payment plan.

Staying Optimistic while being frugal is hard. The day The Game Plan was posted everything was great and my motivation to succeed was high. The blog was started, a new budget to live on one income laid out, Nick was ready to join the cause, I was reading a new book and other financial blogs on personal finance to gain different perspectives, and was learning how to use social media as a tool. Everything was looking up and I was ready to go.

Week one is easy! You are motivated and ready to take on the world. But then it dawned on me, I had committed to making our debt disappear to a public audience. I had posted it on Facebook and Tweeted about this "great" plan. I started hearing from friends, family, and others wishing us luck on this feat. It was a little too much at once and let's just say I was overwhelmed and a bit nervous. I had a mini freak out moment about mid-way through week two and my reservations about committing to this project started to creep through.

What was I thinking?                                 What if I fail?      
How can anyone get out from under all of this debt?          Why could I not be content on just paying off our student loans month to month for 18 more years?               Maybe we should just focus on the credit cards and savings, and leave the student loans alone?

So, I did the only thing you can do in the middle of a work-day and when your not spending money...

I was lucky to have my work-out clothes with me and I decided to go for a run. I headed outside and turned on my Pandora 80's Cardio Station and jogged out my frustration down the national mall and around the Potomac. After doing the inevitable stair climb to the Rocky theme song, including air punches of course, I went back to work with a more optimistic attitude and brighter outlook of the future.

In order to truly be successful and rid ourselves of debt I had to realize that this was not going to be a "project" this was going to be a lifestyle change. This is a long-term change and I was going to need to find motivation daily to be successful.

So, since I hear list are fun to read on blogs, here is this weeks list.

Things that keep me Optimistic and Motivated:

1. BodyPump Classes- Making me physically and mentally stronger. I love them :)

2. Roar by Katy Perry- This has been on my motivation list for awhile, but makes me want to take on the world whenever I hear it :)

3. Hanging out and Talking with Family and Friend -  I have made a greater effort to connect with everyone in my life a little more often these past few weeks. Being able to hang out or chat by phone with new and old friends has been really positive for me and makes me feel all around happier!

4. The Sunshine- We may be getting snow again, but everyday it is nice out I have been getting myself outside for a walk or run. Nice weather is just a great motivation to do anything.

5. Writing this Blog- The blog is keeping me busy in the evenings and is motivating me to find new things to write about, and new ways to save money! Sorry for the lack of personal photos on this post. As a new blogger, I am learning that I need to start taking photos of everything :)

What motivates you to conquer your goals? 


  1. right now you are motivating me to conquer my many goals and i now have a long bucket kist

    1. If I have learned anything through this process, it is to take each goal one step at a time :)

  2. Thank you for this motivation Michelle. Behind every great work there is a big motivation. For some people, it is all about money and for some it is just a word of appreciation. Thanks again!

    Jimmie Menon
    Payroll Providers Guelph

    1. Hey Jimmie. Thank you for the comment and thank you for reading! Motivation is funny. It is like a moving target and changes from day to day, but as long as I keep the long-term goal in mind to get out of debt I seem to find reasons daily why I don't want to be in debt that motivate me :)

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  4. What you're feeling is understandable, because implementing a great plan can be quite challenging at times. There will always be something that will pop up along the way. Some may be good interruptions; but there will also be a fair share of bad times. Thankfully, your workout pants were with you when you’ve encountered one of those bad times. At least you were able to shake it off immediately and keep to your plan.

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