Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Art of Spices

I love those racks with glass jars for your spices. I like how they make a wall statement. To me, they become a piece of spicy artwork :)

I thought it was a little impractical to buy a few jars and racks for storage knowing that I would still need to buy a jar of the spice from the grocery store and go home to place it in the storage jar. It is just a wee bit impractical, but for art- eventually I took the leap!

A few days after buying my jar and rack supplies at IKEA I wondered into a cute market right around our apartment, the Broad Branch Market. This Market is set-up as a deli, organic store, classy 7.11, candy shop, and ice cream parlor all in one. This place is beautiful, but most of their products are either too nice for a frugal budget, or cheaper at Safeway...except their bulk goods.

They bring jar spices to a whole new level, and sell their spices by the pound in little ziplock baggies. They also do this for a few dry goods, but thats for another post. We have been buying spices from this location for the past two years, but my inquisitive nature got the best of me last weekend, when I wondered if we were just buying less then a jar so the price of our bill was lower, or if by unit costs we were actually saving money.

So I took down a few of their prices and I have compared them to our grocery store below:

Broad Branch  Safeway 
Cinammon 9.99 lb 0.88oc x 16 = 14.08 lb 

Garlic Salt

12.99 lb

0.49oc x 16= 

7.84 lb
Curry Powder 17.89 lb 3.75oc x 16 = 
60.00 lb
Parsley 16.59 lb 3.85 oc x 16=  61.60 lb

Crushed Red Peppers
21.99 lb 2.46oc x 16 =  39.36 lb

Except for Garlic Salt, Broad Branch takes the win :) Buying where they sell in bulk, even in lower quantities, seems to be the way to go!

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