Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lemonade on Tap

We set-up a Kegging system for Nick's home brews roughly a year ago. Nick was able to find a fridge at BestBuy on sale at 75% off because of a small dent and so we jumped at the opportunity to get this project moving. You see, as a home brewer your options for storage are kegging your beer or bottling the beer by hand, which means having empty and sterilized bottles on hand. I believe at one point in his brewing hobby we had 4 cases of empty bottles in our small apartment.

Needless to say, we bought the fridge and slowly started to purchase additional items to get the kegging system in working order. We now have a beautiful top and handles for our mini-fridge kegerator, 2 quarter kegs and a CO2 Tank to keep the liquids bubbly.

Unfortunately, we have run out of beer :(

Nick worked on a new batch this past weekend, but in the meantime he asked if I wanted to put bubbly water on tap. I suggested that we put sparkling lemonade on tap instead to give us an alternative to water or beer.

So, we looked up a recipe for Cranberry-Lemonade and got our yield up to 5 gallons and we now have Cran-Lemonade on Tap for the summer, or at least until a second beer is ready!

This concoction cost us:
3 Bottles of Lemon Juice = $7.47
2 Bottles of Cranberry Juice = $3.34
6 Cups Sugar, estimated cost =  $1.00
TOTAL: $ 11. 81
Yield 5 Gallons, each cup at 12 ounces= $0.22
I should open my own lemonade stand this summer. $.50 a glass and I would make a KILLING :) Watch out DC Kids here I come!!

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