Thursday, May 29, 2014

Meal One on the Grill

I can't tell you how happy it make me to be able to write today's post!!

I have wanted a grill since we moved down to DC. Grilled food is just so tasty and seems to be a lot quicker to make on a busy night. Plus, when it is nice outside I don't want to be inside cooking!

The worst, now BEST, part of our current apartment is that it sits over the back deck of the building. Over the summer people have friends over and bring out their portable grills and all those great smells come wafting up into our apartment. Let's just say on a beautiful day, this is the WORST.

This past Saturday I was going out to find a few rocks in the back yard when I noticed a guy setting up not one but TWO grills. My first reaction was to hate this man, but my polite side got the best of me and as I walked by him I simply said "Have a Great Cookout." He turned and said, "Oh no, these aren't mine. These are for the building residents to use."

Let's just say I could have kissed him!!! I was so excited that I ran upstairs and brought Nick over to the window and told him to look down. My lovely husband had my same reaction, "Oh I hate those people with their awesome grills. When can we get a grill??" When I broke the good news to him he immediately started plotting out 5 meals for the week that all consisted of GRILLING!!

Meal one was rained out, but last night we were finally able to get ourselves on the new grill. We made BBQ chicken and Grilled Romain. I was so excited about grilling that I forgot to take pics of the process, but here is the end game :)


Okay so not the best pics, but I'll get better, I have all SUMMER with a GRILL :)

We are learning how to grill, so dinner did take a bit longer. We got upstairs and cut into the chicken, only to realize they weren't quite ready. We popped the chicken it in the oven for another 20 minutes to finish cooking... Oops :) 

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