Friday, May 2, 2014

The Paper Globe

I now I owe you all a month in review, but our month really doesn't end until May 10th, just how the budget is set-up, and we are pinching pennies this month so I want to be sure to give you all the accurate amounts. So I hope to have the month in review to you by next Wednesday, but for now, here is a fun piece :)

On the Comment Today post, one of my good friends sent me a link for fun free printable things to do. One of these activities was to build a paper globe. While last week was bring your kid to work day and a colleague of mine did just that. As she was checking emails, I asked her daughter if she'd like to help me build a globe. She was in charge of the coloring and folding, while I took care of the structure pieces and taping.

Here are the instructions we followed. If you do nothing else just go read through the instructions the guy has a great sense of humor and made me chuckle through this process.

If you do decide to take on this project, use thick paper. I used office paper and it "worked" but was really flimsy. It was fun to take a little work mental break and the globe was spectacular :)

Remember to do something fun everyday!! HAPPY FRIDAY :)

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