Friday, May 30, 2014

Washington from the Top

For my Birthday, Nick went online to reserve tickets to go up into the Washington Monument. After work he came and picked me up and we headed to the monument for a view of the city that's been closed to us for 2 years.

Neither of us had gone up since we were kids. So it was a fun surprise to receive two tickets in the mail for a 6pm tour :) Anyone can reserve tickets at for a small handling fee, I think 1.95 but I could be a few sense off. You also can wait in line at 8:30am at the monument for tickets for that day. I would suggest if you know when you're coming- Plan Ahead. Though it is cheaper to wait in line at 8:30am without a handling fee, you also have to remember that you're on vacation, and who the heck wants to be waiting for tickets at 8:30am if it can be avoided :)

It was a rainy day yesterday so some of my pics from the windows have rain spots, but I think they are still worth sharing :)

The details inside the odalisque are just amazing. We came across this beautiful tiled floor, and then on the way down in the elevator they slow down to show you the amazing stone's given to them by each state, many US cities, and dignitaries. Many state's could not send money to help pay for the Monument to be built, but they could provide materials, so they began to send in special stones. The most expensive stone in the monument is from Alaska :) The smallest stone is from California, while the largest stone is from New York. In California's defense- they followed the guidelines put out for donations, while New York just did whatever they wanted! Sounds like a New Yorker :)

A cheap date, but an equally great birthday present! Thanks Nick :)

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