Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Dinner

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and had an opportunity to spend it with friends and family!

Last Thursday, Nick and I were asked to cook Easter dinner for our DC and visiting family. All we had to do was set the menu, hand over the grocery shopping list, and show up to cook!

We planned the following menu:

Appetizers: Homemade Baba Ghanoush and Hummus with Warm Pita and Cucumbers

While I finished the hummus, Nick set the table.

Steak, only seasoning was garlic salt and pepper

Homemade Pierogies. My aunt and I started this recipe on Saturday and made a double batch, half with a white potato and the other with sweet potatoes. It took 3 hours of prep, but well worth it on Sunday evening :)

Fun tip of the day, learned from my sister, if you need to chop up fresh herbs place them in a cup and use a pair of scissors to chop. Works in a snap without the mess!

We also had a spinach salad with feta, red onion, and grape tomatoes.

Desert: Homemade Carrot Cake. One of our favorites.

The best part of the evening was kicking back afterwards and catching up with the Fam :)
A mostly unstaged photo :) 

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  1. Such yummy food and great company! Thank you so much!