Friday, April 18, 2014

Foodie Friday: A Barley Lunch

This week's lunch was suppose to be a change up from the "boring" rice bowls. I had had enough and was ready for something different- a spinach salad with boiled eggs, craisans, and some barley. The first day I put my salad together the barley fell all over the counter and the salad dressing was just not the taste I was going for.

On day two, I decided I would steam the spinach in the microwave (a dash of water and 30 seconds will do it) and top it off with my barley, eggs, and craisans...magically creating an amazing barley bowl that magically looks very close to a stupid rice bowl! I can't seem to get away from the rice bowls :)

So let's do the cost breakdown:
Bag of Barley- $4.99/12 portions= $0.42
Based on how much I used per day, I estimated appx.12 portions per bag.
Spinach- $5.00/5 portions= $1.00
Craisans- $2.00/16 oz= $0.125 x 2 = $0.25
Eggs- $3.79/18 eggs= $0.21 x 2= $0.42 

TOTAL: $2.09 
Not too shabby!!

I also added in strawberries with 1/2c of plain Greek yogurt as a afternoon snack! Great way to feel full and take care of that sweet tooth :)


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