Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Goals and A Weekend Review

Happy Monday!

Last Friday, I was reading Coffee Cake and Cardio's blog post on Spring Goals. She mentioned that we had 11 weeks left in Spring, and I thought it would be a great idea to follow her lead and publish some of my own goals for those 11 weeks. If I have learned anything about debt, it's that small goals are the key to long term success. 

My three goals for the remainder of spring are:
  • Run a half-marathon, not a race just be able to complete 13.1 miles
  • Pay $5,500 toward our debt, to include our minnimum payments
  • To write three blog posts a week, so 33 more by the first day of Summer
Today's post is a spring weekend review. It was beautiful here is DC, so we took advantage of the great weather and headed outside.

On Saturday we went to the opening day of District Flea. The market seems to have gotten bigger this year with a lot more vintage clothing stands. I am more of a refurbished items gal, so I was a bit disappointed with all the clothing stands but I still was able to find plenty of great items. If you read through my Top 10 Ways We Save Greens post, you'll know this is a great way to come up with DIY projects for Nick and I :)  Sorry, I forgot to take pictures.

After an hour or so we headed home and Nick went to work on the top to his kegerator! It is almost done and looks fantastic. I'll show it off when it's finished.

Sunday was a bit more active. We got our bikes ready for the road! I changed one of my tires out in less then 5 minutes, a true accomplishment for me. Last year it would have taken me 30 mins :) 

We packed snacks and headed to the tidal basin for an early look at the Cherry blossoms! They should be in full bloom in 2-3 days, so additional pics to come. 

Sunday was also workweek prep day, so once we got home it was time to COOK. We made a soup for the week, rice bowls for lunches, and homemade Russian Dumplings (Pelmeni) for dinner. It was fun to spend time in the kitchen, but after a day in the sun it was nicer to be in bed by 9:30!!

Total money spent this weekend: $23.00  
- Beer, our Saturday night contribution to dinner with family
- Two Onions for this weeks meals 

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