Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Just Another Wednesday

Sorry for my late post today, but it has been a crazy full week.

Today, I had the opportunity to go on a tour of the White House and then participate in a 6k Water Walk.
Sorry no pic's allowed inside. 

With Obama off in Japan, his house was open for tours. I haven't been on a tour of the White House since I was a young kid. Yes, I have lived here for five years, but have never made it a priority to get tickets. The most interesting thing about the visit was the "lack" of a tour guide. During budget cuts, the White House chose to get rid of official tour guides. They have now passed on that duty to the Secret Service Agents standing in each room. The tour information specifically states, if you have any questions to ask the Secret Service Agent and they will be happy to answer your questions. Seriously??

Can you imagine being assigned as an agent to the White House and then having to take a class on the history of the White House, and also having to learn a script to give tours of the room you're in on a day to day basis? Something tells me most agents would not be thrilled with this assignment, but at least the American people are saving a buck #frugalwhitehouse :)

After the tour, I headed off to participate in a 6k Water Walk. The length of a 6k was chosen because it represents the average length, mostly, women and girls walk daily to collect clean water for their homes. It was a great opportunity to meet a few new colleagues and get in a mid-afternoon walk. The Embassy of Sweden also had a water rest stop set-up with information on water conservation. Remembering how easy life is can be very humbling.

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