Monday, June 2, 2014

Harpers Ferry

What a great weekend filled with friends and family. Here is just a snapshot of one of the many activities that filled our weekend of good food, drinks, and laughs!

We headed up to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia on Saturday afternoon with Nick's brother and sister.

From DC, it takes roughly an hour and 15 minutes to get out to Harpers Ferry, in good traffic. Harpers Ferry is at the intersection of West Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia. It has been involved in various historic conflicts, such as the civil war and John Brown's raid because of its strategic position.

We began our afternoon at the flea market. I considered this trip a success because we didn't buy anything, but walked away with plenty of great ideas for our next trip up.

We then headed into the historic downtown area and had a picnic lunch. For us, the only way for this day trip to be frugal is to plan ahead and pack a good lunch. We are sure to pack both sweet and salty because chances are we will want both by the end of the day!

We walked around the downtown area which is a mixture of a living museum, cute boutiques and inns, as well as an Appalachian trail stop off point. The Appalachian Trail sits right on Harpers Ferry so they get a lot of hikers swinging by for a break, or starting/ending their trip in Harpers Ferry.

We ended up taking one of their many hiking trails up to Maryland Heights. This trail, which Nick and I have now climbed at least 10 times, is a quick one. 30-40 minutes up and 20 minutes down, but it is steep at times. It definitely makes you breath a little heavier, but it is well worth the view.

I hope you can make it out to Harpers Ferry soon!

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