Friday, June 13, 2014

AirBnB Listing

Hello Readers :)

Over the past three days I have received a few comments from family, friends, and coworkers about my blog posts and I can't tell you how happy I am that you are reading! I appreciate your support, kind words, and at times commiserate around the topic of getting out of debt!

Today, I am reaching out to you to help me in a frugal quest!

Nick and I have saved money over the past few months to take a weeks vacations in early July. Nick came up with the great idea of throwing our apartment up on AirBnB to help supplement our vacation expenses. Perhaps being able to go on vacation and use the money in savings towards our student loans instead!

So we worked on posting pictures of our place and a write-up last night.

Here is our listing! 

We tried to keep the per night asking price low to allow those coming into town a cheaper option then a hotel, plus they get a personal touch to their stay in DC. Our photos are iphone quality, so we know it is not the best looking listing on AirBnB, but we offer a clean and cozy apartment at a good rate!

Nick and I have used AirBnB on our trip last year to Belgium and loved the ease of connecting with folks on AirBnB. We loved having a kitchen to make breakfast or dinner. It really helped us keep costs down during our trip!

We would LOVE your help in getting the word out about our posting. Please re-tweet or re-post the link to our AirBnB on your Facebook page.

There are a lot of housing options in DC, so we would appreciate your help in getting the word out to your friends and family specifically about ours. If someone is on the fence about spending this 4th of July in the Nation's Capitol and watching the fireworks over the Capitol Building on the National Mall let this great deal push them over the edge to get down here! There is also a Baseball game on July 3rd that they could attend!!

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Also, if you haven't seen our digs it is a great insider look to the Frugal Optimist estate :)

Thanks for your help and have an AWESOME FRIDAY!!!

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