Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Goals

Back in April, I decided to write up a post with Spring Goals. Here is a quick breakdown of what I decided to accomplish during those 12 weeks :) 

My three goals for the remainder of spring are:
  • Run a half-marathon, not a race just be able to complete 13.1 miles
  • Pay $5,500 toward our debt, to include our minimum payments
  • To write three blog posts a week, so 33 more by the first day of Summer

Summer began on June 21st and here is where I stand with my Spring goals: 
  • My longest run was 11 miles completed on June 8th, not a full half-marathon so I'll need to keep working up to that 13.1 mile run. This goal really did make me run more then normal to try to get up to the 13.1 mile marker. So cheers to running more! I am actually starting to enjoy running, which I never thought would be possible!
  • We payed over April, May, and June in minimum payments $4,381.39 toward our student loans. In extra payments, we have paid, to date, so not including all of June :) $1,795.26 in additional student loan payments. Giving us a grand total of $6,176.65 in student loan payments since setting my SPRING GOALS! So we knocked this goal out of the park!!
  • Blog posts for the Spring: I was hoping to get in 3 a week, but realized that I still haven't figured out the perfect writing schedule to really make that happen. I was able to get a total of 28 blog post completed before June 21st. Not too shabby :) I hope to keep bringing this blog new and interesting posts. I may need to come up with a better time management plan in order to get all the research done and have time to write up each post. I am still learning how to be a consistent blogger, bare with me folks! 
I was only successful at making 1 out of 3 goals, but still deem this a very successful season. Setting goals really made me focus on the three things I wanted to do over the next 12 weeks, so I figured that setting some Summer Goals might also help me accomplish more over the next season. 

So by September 23rd, roughly 13 weeks (The First day of Fall, which seems sooooo far away right now!) I hope to: 
  • Put $2,500 toward student loans, in addition to our minimum payments. I think AirBnB will help us accomplish this goal :) We have gotten some great reservations! Thank you for sharing our link!
  • Write at least 2 posts a week, but aim for 3- So a total of 39 posts.
  • Repeat Goal: Run a half-marathon- get myself up to the 13.1 mile marker :)   
  • Start and finish a new book, I'm thinking something related to personal finance... 
  • Learn 100 new Russian Vocabulary Words
We have a very exciting Summer planned and it all kicks off this weekend, so here's to a great summer and fun memories! 

What are your Summer Goals? 

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