Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Salad

We found a great recipe in this months Cooking Light for a Faro and Sour Cherry Salad. I love to use recipes as a template for what we have or what we can afford, in some cases.So we took the basic idea behind the recipe and then tweaked it:

Base Ingredients: 
Sour Cherries- currently not in season, aka expensive, so we substituted this for Mango's at $1 each
Faro- not at our grocery store and a bit expensive at others, so we subbed it out for Buckwheat

Olive Oil
Lemon Juice

Once you get the mango cut this comes together quickly and is quite filling. If you're look for a fun summer salad give this a try. It is easy to make ahead and have ready to go for a quick meal or a picnic with a few forks! If we aren't eating it like crazy people it can last us at least 2 meals :)

Don't be afraid to look at your recipes and sub out a few higher priced or out of season ingredients. There are plenty of recipes that this will not work for, but there are also plenty of recipes that it does work. So be creative and give it a try, you never know until you try!

I try to stick to common textures when subbing out ingredients. In this case, the fruit substitute for the cherry needs to be hard enough to withstand it's shape in the salad and also provide a bit of juice and a sweet taste, so mango seemed to be able to support the purpose of the cherries where a raspberry would have fallen apart when mixed with the Buckwheat!

Check back on Friday for May's Month in Review. 

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