Monday, June 23, 2014

Strike a Pose

Nick and I found a Craigslist AD this past week for a modeling job for non-models.  We are going to go on a mini-vacation in a few weeks and have been saving up money, but thought a few extra bucks certainly wouldn't hurt our bank account :)  So, we emailed the company and received confirmation to come in as models this past Sunday.

I received a second email asking if I was available to come in on Saturday in addition to Sunday for a few additional shots. YES!!! to Two days of compensation.

I got very nervous on Saturday that I was going to walk-in and they were going to decide they couldn't use me, or I didn't wear the right outfit- so needless to say it was a little nerve racking! It made me feel better, in an odd way, when Nick had the same exact feeling on Sunday :)

Saturday, I was to be dresses in my suit and ready to be photographed as a congresswomen. The company does political ads, so I was told that though you will be able to see my body, you may not always see my face! I guess photoshop is their friend.

We did some treadmill walking, in heels :/  and then some weight lifting! I started off with a modest weight, since I knew I had to hold a pose and I wasn't trying to get my workout in, but ended up with a 20 lb weight so that we had something "bigger" for the picture. I can't wait to see how that photo turned out but my bicep certainly got a workout.

After our workout photos they had a few healthcare AD's to work on, so out came Dr. Monica :)

Sunday was about families and women's rights. So there were a few "women" shots. Groups of women acting concerned or happy, and then we did couple shots.

Best part of the whole weekend: Nick and I got shot pretending to pay bills :)
We nailed those expressions of frustration and worry!!!

The second "couple" shot was playing with a little kid and doing cute family photos. To all my readers with kids, I'm still not sure how you manage to toss around a child and smile at the same time, but hopefully Nick and I mastered it by the end of the shoot.

All in all we walked out with roughly $200 for 4 hours worth of work, so I would say it was a successful weekend!

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